What are the major sins in Islam? – Flower Tattoo Designs For Women Black And White Plaid

Sins such as:

– adultery

– fornication

– stealing

– stealing from the poor

– murdering for sport

– cursing others

– blasphemy

– adultery with a husband or husband and wife

– preying on children

These are crimes that are extremely common in Islam. And this has led to Muslims turning to the Qur’an to punish people.

The Qur’aan has a number of punishment for those who commit these types of crimes. It explains:

– stoning people to death

– beheading

– burning them alive

This kind punishment would be very harsh for modern westerners. But it is still a lot worse for Muslims who commit these crimes.

There is also an aspect of God’s judgment for those who commit adultery and murder. God says:

– if they divorce their wives and commit illegal sexual intercourse, God will take them as evidence against them and they are as bad as if they had committed adultery. (Quran 8:38)

We have already explained why this is a bad idea for Muslims. But for the moment it’s only for one sin.

So it would only be fair to say that if these sorts of punishments were to be implemented in modern day Islamic countries, it would be considered to be quite good. But the problem is that it is quite difficult to implement.

For this reason, they have turned to the Quran to determine what punishment should be inflicted on people.

What punishments are used in modern day Islamic countries?

– execution: The Qur’aan prescribes for a person to be killed, stoning or burning in the fire (Quran 20:106)

The Qur’aan does not give a clear indication about what punishment should be used if a person commits a crime. But what we can assume is that they will be punished at the most severe extent.

For example, if a person commits adultery with his spouse and is sentenced to death, it would probably mean that he will be burned to death and that will not be a very mild punishment. However a person who is stoned to death might be stoned to death and would be a bit more mild.

– flogging: An Islamic court can give a person a hard slap and then put him or her to death as a form of punishment.

– lashes: A Muslim court can also whip a person to death as

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