What are the major sins in Islam? – Meaningful Unique Small Tattoo Designs

Sickening sex

Sexual promiscuity



Aversion to violence.

What are the major sins in Christianity?

The major sins in their respective religions are:

Wrong view of Christ

Wrong view of Jesus

Wrong view of Christianity

Wrong view of God

Lusting after money and worldly goods

Dismissing spiritual gifts

Wrong views of God

Lacking knowledge (of history)

Being unfaithful to their spouse

What are the major moral sins in the Muslim faith?

The major moral sins in Mohammed’s Muslims are:


Homosexual promiscuity

Unbelief in God

Unbelief in Jesus.

In the Bible God had many sexual immorality issues, such as killing his son Cain, but in the Muslim Religion, Mohammed is the only one who openly engaged in sodomy .

It’s no wonder the Muslims are a little freaked out.

There is a word in all of the Christian languages that means “wretched of the earth”. The word is derived from the Greek word, ξωγιγές (omogois), meaning “wretched”.

The New World Translation reads: “For the law says that whoremongers shall die; but I have done it for your sake, that the word might be fulfilled which said, “Whoremongers shall be put to death.'” In the Muslim Faith, God has made homosexuality and the death penalty part of the same thing.

Muslims believe that Mohammed was the son of God and that the Prophet Mohammed was the prophet of God. He’s the only Prophet in the Bible, and all the Christians are atheists (see “God’s Not Here!”).

And yet Muhammad’s entire legacy is riddled with atrocities, including the burning of the Qurans, the looting of holy cities and artifacts, the murder of thousands of people, the forced conversion of whole families, the enslavement and murder of the poor, the rape, pillaging and degradation of the lands of everyone in those lands, the theft of other people’s properties, the use and abuse of slaves, his destruction of sacred places, rape of innocent women, the theft of women as sex slaves, and the execution of anyone who refused.

Muhammad made his followers believe that he has all the

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