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A new tattoo is something different. It’s a bold, exciting, and sometimes exciting change to your personality. When you get a tattoo, you’re changing your appearance. You’re dressing up and expressing yourself beyond your current identity.

Some tattoo styles are familiar, others are different, and some are downright embarrassing.

Whether you’re a girl or a boy who wants to get a tattoo, you better be cool because the most common tattoo styles are a girl thing and boy thing.

These 10 tattoo styles are popular for pretty much everyone.

1. Bad Boy Tattoos

Let’s face it — guys are cool, ladies are great. There are some cool dudes out there. You don’t have to feel like a loser.

Boys really love their tattoos. They’re often seen as symbols of manhood, masculinity and machismo. Bully Boy Tat shirts made by companies like Nike or Nike Plus are hot right now.

Even if a tattoo is just for looks, boys love getting badass tattoos.

Bully Boy Tats are the most popular style of tattoos, and they’re just in high demand.

Bad Boy Tats tattoos are awesome for guys who want to stand out. Bad Boy Tats are also super common for girls, especially those that love to have a manly vibe.

Check out Bully Boy Turtleneck T-shirts to find a unique style of tattoo. They fit both sexes and they’re just a fun way to dress up.

2. Redhead Tats

Whether your goal is to be a sexy, sexy redhead or a sexy, sexy chick, tattoos don’t discriminate.

Whether you like to show off your natural hair or just show off your new tattoo, there are a lot of ways to get a redhead tattoo. Check out these redhead tats from various artists.

Redhead tattoos are also known as Redhead Face Tats, and they’re the most popular styles of tattoo styles out there.

Tats for women are common, especially if a tattoo is looking to make a statement.

Red head tattoos often require piercing, and women like tattoos to rock their facial features. It’s a way to express oneself through a tattoo.

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