What does the Bible say about tattoos? – Tattoo Designs For Male Forearm Band

The Bible never addresses the question of tattooing specifically. Here are a few excerpts:

Do not take a tattoo as a sign of the spirit’s displeasure.

9:26 The LORD said, “What is this that you do? You cast lots for my people Israel and send them out to serve me. If I give them all what I need, what will be their purpose in serving me?”

9:27 He said to them, “The purpose for which you are coming out into the wilderness, so that your feet may have no rest, is to take the blood of my people, the prophets and the saints, and to take a mark on your flesh that will not be removed.

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9:28 And when they bring them again into your presence, you will be their God. And you will know that I am the LORD.”

9:29 And it will come about that the blood that is in your flesh—on the palm of your hand and on your heel—will be on your foreheads, and your feet, and on your sides. For the blood of a just man is life; the blood of a just man is peace.”

9:30 The LORD said, “This is the sign that I will send to the house of Israel, saying,

9:31 “Take this sign from among your servants and write this on their foreheads. I will take out of their flesh on that day the blood of your soul.

9:32 Then you will be my sons and my daughters; they will not show disrespect to a father, lest I make a scornful display before you.” This was what the LORD spoke to the children of Israel.

9:33 So they came and put the sign in the foreheads of the sons of Israel, and these were the names of them—

9:34 Eli, and his brother Abner; Amaziah and his brother Shammah; Asa, Eli’s son; Zebulun and Abinoam and Abiram; and Benaiah and Abinadbaah, and Asenab and Asenath, and Asaf, Eli’s sons—

9:35 Eli the leader and Amaziah his brother. And thus all these were made sons of God.

9:36 And these were the brothers of Benjamin, so that Benjamin was called by the name of Amaziah.

9:37 And thus all these

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