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The government of Quebec has put thousands of pages of documents from the recent referendum campaign in the public domain, but one of the pages appears to have been intentionally buried in a file.

Videos made by Québec’s separatist party, the Parti Québécois, from events on Sunday showed a Quebec city building, its exterior painted blue, and then a door opening and a voice on the other end saying, “Welcome to the vote?”

When the door closed behind the man, the door closed on the video.

In this file, the number of voters in a municipality is reported. But, as a result of the referendum, it can’t be reported at all.

As CBC’s Scott Tarrant reports, the file is actually labelled as “Elections Quebec 2017.” Some documents and the name of the province were partially erased or left in place when the province’s election commission removed the documents from public view due to “copyright.”

Videos of the referendum vote in Quebec, which took place from April 7 to April 10. (CBC News)

When questioned about the file by CBC News this week, a spokesperson for the Canada Elections Act said it “would not be unusual for files to be withheld and/or published if the information or its handling was ‘copyrighted.'” He said the “information is in public domain” and any person or organization could access the work without violating copyright.

The spokesperson said the files also went back to the Canada Elections Act, making them public “at the request of the candidate or the campaign, if it so permits or if it is not required by law.”

CBC News asked the Ontario government to release the Quebec files, too, but received no response from spokesman Michael De Jong. His office did say the file is being kept open in case of emergency.

‘There will be an adjustment’

“There will be an adjustment as we speak in terms of how this information is distributed for distribution in the Quebec public service,” De Jong said in an email. “From our perspective, this process is being done according to the current rules, and that includes considering the need for consultation, and the need to respect the copyright laws for copyright material.

“The Quebec election authority will also be working with government offices to determine whether there will be an adjustment to the content of the material.”

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