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When cremation is not an option for a particular client, a Catholic funeral director may wish to arrange for a third-party to transport the body to another location. This is generally referred to as “transfer burial” and involves placing the body into a body bag. During transfer burial this means that the body is put into a container that has a shroud over it. The body bag will typically be made of metal and the shroud will be of cloth. The body will go into a larger container for burial.

Some Catholic funerals will have services at a crematory that includes the cremation process. In this case, the crematory will take care of all cremation activities. Transfer burial also can occur if there is a religious reason for such a body to be buried. In the case of a Catholic burial, the family may request cremation if they are not aware of any funeral arrangements. Transfer burial is not required of any Catholic funeral director.

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The chancellor has said that he will not make any attempt to curb Labour’s control of Northern Ireland’s welfare system during the current election campaign.

George Osborne said he believed Labour’s “unrealistic” plans were going nowhere.

The Conservative manifesto announced that a minimum wage for £6.60 will be introduced on 1 January 2016 at the latest, which could result in a further loss of about 50,000 jobs.

Labour said that a minimum wage would be too small to make a real difference.

The party said that, as the Tories had said in 2010, it was committed to reducing the gap between low and high earners, but a minimum wage would create a two-tier wage system in which employers could pay their workers more and have to offer less to poorer earners.

And there are fears over plans to introduce a £1bn-plus “triple lock” of pensions and the family allowance – measures designed to ensure that no one facing a real and rising threat to their finances ends up going hungry, homeless or on benefits.


“It simply won’t be a possibility [for the Conservatives],” Mr Osborne told BBC Radio Ulster.

“They won’t even try to put it forward, not because they don’t get it, but because they aren

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