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Liu Kang had read that the Lotus Sutra referred to a “cure” with a “tough task”. This is what the Buddha describes in chapter 19 of the Vimalakirti’s Sutra.

He later wrote that “it has no sense of mercy, but of hard work.” Liu Kang is obviously talking about the “cure” which, according to the Lotus Sutra, must be done by diligent and zealous meditation.

As an aside to the description of Buddhism, is there a place that I am not mistaken about which has a “miraculous cure”? What’s a Miracle Cure?

There is an older “miracle cure” that many claim is only about 200 years old. According to some, if you remove your shirt and tie, then put on your clothes one layer at a time, then the problem is cured. So, it is an old, ancient “miracle cure”. The problem with this “miracle cure” is that this is not a physical problem. Rather, it is a mental one.

For instance, do you feel cold? If you wear a warm shirt, your face will feel warm. However, if you do your washing, your clothes will feel cold. So, there is no physical “miracle here”. On the contrary, you need to change your mindset and make a new, hard life.

Why is the “miracle cure” of the Lotus Sutra different from other healing methods?

There is a lot of contradictory talk in Buddhism about how to get rid of diseases. If we remove our cloths and do our washing, or if we make our mind clearer and do other things, how does that cure any disease?

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According to the Lotus Sutra, it is because the Tathagata, the most compassionate Being in the universe, is the “giver” of enlightenment and cure. His Buddha nature can bring about any disease. However, it is not just the mind of the Tathagata that is able to cure diseases. There is also the body. In fact, there are so many things in the body which are caused either by our sins or by our karma. There are also some in our organs that can be caused by the actions of our ancestors. Therefore, we need to change the ways we think and do away with all these things that contribute to our disease.

There is a saying in Buddhism: “The mind is the cure that can’t be

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