What does the Lotus mean in Buddhism? – Japanese Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Men

Lotus means “the light of the ten” (dharma).

Lotus: When asked what the word Lotus means, some people say that the word Lotus means: “the light of the ten” (dharma). The Buddhist scholars say that what they have learned is that the name of the Lotus or the name of the Buddha refers to one of the ten thousand names of the Buddha.

Lotus Lamp: The Lotus Light is the Buddha Light. As we see in the illustration below, this Lamp is made of a single Buddha bulb.

Buddha Lamp: The Buddha Lamp has three heads which are the Buddha head (or Buddha lamp), the Buddha neck, and the Buddha feet. It is made of one Buddha bulb.

Lotus Wheel: The Lotus Wheel has one head of a Buddha head, a Buddha neck and a Buddha foot. As we see in the illustration below, this Wheel is made of four Buddha heads and four Buddha necks.

Rabbit: The Rabbit is the symbol of compassion and wisdom. When we think of a rabbit as a symbol of compassion and wisdom our mind naturally wants to find a good and loving rabbit or someone who is kind to him. For example, when you look for a good and loving child, you might feel very excited and happy with the thought that this child will become the one and only good rabbit in the world! But we know that this child is very rare and will be very precious to you. When your child is very special and has a lot of good qualities, then it will be more likely that you will see him more often than anyone else.

Lotus Flower: A Lotus Flower symbolizes the “flower with the golden lotus petals.” (Hakusoku no jinken, translated from the English as Golden Lotus Petals).

Lotus: When we think of a Lotus it is easy to feel happy and happy to give to the homeless world that comes to us in this life.

Lotus: The meaning of a Lotus in the Zen School is to make clear the Buddha nature or the Buddha characteristics of the Buddha. This Lotus is the essence of that essence. From this point it can be said that the essence of a Buddha is the same as the essence of a Lotus. For other schools the Lotus is a symbol of the Buddha or the characteristics of the Buddha. So they feel it important to emphasize that the Lotus is a symbol of the Buddha and the essence of that.

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