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Lotus meaning: To be a strong, fearless person with excellent virtues like generosity.

In the Pali Canon, the Lotus refers to the Buddha. In the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha means the very Self who lives within and under our minds and which in the end will bring victory (Buddha means Self).

Lotus meaning: To help oneself in difficult situations.

Lotus meaning: To live freely, without any hindrance or compulsion.

Lotus meaning: To be mindful of and free of suffering, and to achieve liberation from suffering. In other words: to live in purity and tranquility, and never become attached to the thoughts of this world. This ideal is the foundation for the Buddha’s teaching.

Lotus meaning: To be united, harmonious, and united with the entire world-order. This is what leads to the Buddha’s teachings. These teachings lead to a complete release from the cycle of birth and death.

Lotus meaning: To be peaceful in mind with complete wisdom. Buddha’s teachings are a means of making all beings happy and contentedly living in this world.

Lotus meaning: To be content with a perfect and simple life. As the Buddha said, this is the most important characteristic of a human being.
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Lotus meaning: To become a powerful Buddha for others to follow. This is the most important reason for the existence of the Buddhas.

This week I was in an interesting mood. The last few weeks I’ve been on a journey of discovery. It started with watching the movies, then the books, and the television. I’ve read more articles, books, and videos in the next few days than I’ve done all year. It’s not that I’m tired or hungry, it’s that I’m more content than I’ve ever been since I discovered Buddhism in high school. For the first time in years, I feel like I’m able to relax, get things done, and enjoy myself. And that’s a good thing considering the amount of work I’ve put into my life, both in academia and personal life.

The good news comes with all these newfound discoveries. When studying under a guru it is quite common to find that there is a deep personal connection with them. For example, I would go so far as to say that it’s almost as if I’m studying for the exam myself.

However, for me, when practicing with a teacher my own personal growth is more

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