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And does it say what foods can be eaten?

Is it ok to eat meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy? These are some of the foods that are forbidden in the Bible as they are forbidden in the Quran:

• Meat (meat is made of meat)

• Fish (in Islam it is not possible to eat it)

• Milk (but you can eat it for a limited period of time. You should drink 5 cups of it)

• Eggs

• Snack (such as dried fruit, nuts and dried plants, like dates and pistachios)

• Vegetables (it is forbidden for you to eat them)

• Bread, the Bread of Obligation and Wheat (and its products)

• Cakes, pastries, biscuits, cakes and biscuits

• Cider, honey and oils

• Olive oil and other oils

• Fish, as it is prohibited for Muslims in Islam

• Meat, milk and eggs

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• Vegetables

The following chart shows the foods that are forbidden in the Bible and in Quran:

If you are interested in how are you eating in Islam or how do you believe, please contact us.

• Please note that even though the foods in the Quran have been forbidden they are still permissible according to the Quran.

1. Bread: “If we were to cut it into twelve pieces (one for each meal), then it would suffice (for a person) to eat for one year.” [16:10]

• This may seem difficult to many people but the Bible gives different types of bread. The “bread of Obligation ” (also known as the “bread of the covenant” – Genesis 22:13-16) is a round loaf of good bread, it can be made with whole wheat, rye or barley. The “bread of the covenant” (also known as the “bread of the covenant” (Romans 12:17-31) which we are looking at in the following verse is a round loaf of wheat flour with salt or yeast added.

“Verily I will open up your loaves to you with a sign from the Lord, and I will put my words in your mouth and put my words in your heart. And when you have eaten your bread, then you shall take it out from the oven and eat.”

2. Fish: In Islam there are 2 types of fish: O

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