What foods does the Bible say not to eat? – Tattoo Picture

The Bible teaches us not to eat the following foods:

the shellfish (especially shellfish containing shell-fish protein) .

. the fruit of trees grown in the ground (including trees such as apples, pears, figs, and bananas) .

This includes all fruits grown within a three mile radius of Jerusalem.

this includes all fruits grown within a radius of Jerusalem. the fruit of animals such as wild boar, deer, sheep, goats, or cattle .

. the flesh of fowl raised for meat or eggs, even though they were slaughtered on the same day .

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. the flesh of birds whose eggs do not hatch; they are considered unclean (Exodus 20:3).

The foods above are also included within the prohibitions to be “not to eat,” also known as “Kedushah.” (For more information on the Kedushah dietary commandments, visit Learn About the Torah, Pesach, and Kedushah)

What are the other foods that were specifically forbidden?

The foods above are also included among the “foods to be avoided” (Yoma 1:25).

In addition to the foods already mentioned above, the Bible specifically prohibited the following foods:

all wild game and game meat (Leviticus 6:5)

all animals that have been slain for food (Ezra 12:26-28)

all flesh (with flesh eaten) (2 Sam 21:17)

all vegetables. (Deuteronomy 5:36-40)

There were also prohibitions concerning the following foods:

all fruits (Psalm 119:111)

all fruits grown in a field as opposed to trees. (Exodus 19:14)

all birds, even those that have “fleshy” feathers such as ducks and geese (1 Kings 18:6)

all fish and shellfish (Leviticus 6:5)

All of the specific dietary laws included in the Mosaic Law can be fulfilled.

The Mosaic Law was a spiritual law. The Biblical Law applies to us, but is not a law binding on us. The Bible says “not to eat,” but we are still obligated to follow the dietary laws, and in fact are commanded to do so.

The following is the explanation of when Mosaic Law was given to Israel:

It is written (Ex

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