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What happens to your skin when you get a piercing, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation?

A typical SPA tattoo is done by a Dr, nurse practitioner, plastic surgeon and/or tattoo artist, and is usually done on the lower chest.

The main idea is to make a mark on the skin on a regular basis. For example, if your breasts get bigger and you feel uncomfortable doing it, you can always tell by a marking on your breasts, or if you’ve lost weight or gained it back!

The most difficult part is the application and cleaning of the tattoo. We strongly advise everyone applying their first tattoo after a full consultation, when the area to be tattooed is properly cleaned, and also a post-treatment tattooing session, after you’ve been tattooed. The tattoos should only be left on for a short time.

Some of the things you need to consider include:

1. what size tattoo or piercing you want

2. how far apart you want the marks to be on your body (from toe to breast)

3. what size you want your tattoo or piercing to be

If you know that your chosen tattoo size is too big, get a plastic surgeon, and a friend or family member to help you select the best size to go with.

Most people prefer that most of their tattooing happens before the time at which they will be pregnant. This is because by the time a woman is pregnant she will have developed certain health problems, such as heart disease, an increased risk of cancer, blood disease, high level of fat and a much lower chance of getting and staying pregnant. These are some of the issues that are considered very important when choosing a tattoo or piercing.

What do the SPA and SPA tattooing fees look like?

Most people pay around $1500 for a full-body and $2500 for a full-skull tattoo. The cost for the SPA tattooing session can be up to $5,000; although only a small part of this is for the tattoo itself!

Other SPA Tattoo Fees:

An average SPA session may start at $500 for a full-body and at$500+ for a full-skull tattoo, depending on which area is being pierced.

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Other SPA cost include:

Medical insurance to cover the costs

Medical and dental insurance


Surgical tattooing

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