What is a tattoo design? – Purple Rose Tattoo Designs 3D Geisha

A tattoo design is a specific symbol or motif that is printed or drawn in permanent ink on the skin. Tattoo design is considered a form of art, a form of expression, art that brings out a person’s unique personality and gives it an identity and meaning.

Why Choose the Tattoo Line that is Right for You?

The right tattoo design for each of your individuals is determined by the needs of that individual, and it is this design which can best communicate what that individual is like. From the simplest to the most complex in terms of color, style, design, style, color, style, detail, the possibilities are endless and each one is tailored to suit the individual.

For those who desire a simple tattoo design with some extra depth, a traditional tattoo can be appropriate. For the other group of clients, the tattooist creates their own unique design which can then be customized and made to represent the individuality and personality of the individual.

Tattoo Techniques

There are a number of different styles of tattoo design that are being used today, but some are in general usage to this day. The basic tenets of a tattoo design are the following:


The concept of a tattoo design that is in the shape or style seen on a person (i.e: a cross and square) are called Pattern designs. Pattern designs are generally one of the most common, most common and most respected tattoo designs.

These patterns are simple and often used for an aesthetic purpose. The artist, or tattooist, creates the shape of the pattern with a tattoo artist who can create an individual style as a means to convey a message. The art of tattoo design typically follows these fundamental principles. There are numerous varieties of pattern designs that exist today.


The term Tattoo means an image or an imprint made by the tattoo ink. The design is not just an impression, or an idea or impression, it is something that the tattoo artist has etched, or engraved upon, in the skin. The concept of the tattoo and the individual are important in understanding a tattoo. There are many different types of tattoos that are available today.

Some of the different types of tattoos currently available include:

* Tattoos are applied to the skin in the form of an image or an imprint that is made upon the skin. * Tattoos are done to cover or conceal a skin wound. * Tattoos can be done on the skin, or on a clothing

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