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Tattoos are a unique way to have messages communicated visually or even to create symbols. A tattoo design consists of a stencil of ink that may be applied to the skin, or it may be designed around the body with ink that is placed around a specific part of the body in the form of a tattoo design, such as:

the head, neck or upper chest; the feet; the sides or the back; the arms; the knees; or the top of the head

Tattoos are usually designed to be applied to areas of the face, hands, faces, arms, backs, legs or feet to express a feeling, a thought or the like.

There are many different types of tattoo designs including designs on skin, or drawings on skin; and designs that work under the skin. Designs on skin may be simple lines, circles, lines, lines, rectangles, squares, rectangles, dots, stripes and so on and so forth. Designs on the skin are generally made from thick and thin ink, watercolor or oil paint and are called tattoos. Designs on the skin also include designs that are made after the skin has been tattooed, that are made of a certain type of oil, or that are made to look like the skin you are wearing.

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While tattoos are usually done using black ink, in some cases other colors may be used, or other textures may be used. Also, tattoo design styles vary by person and are dependent on the subject’s culture.

Some important guidelines:

You do not have to buy a tattoo to get it. Some people may choose not to have a tattoo, but that is their choice. Some tattoos are not needed, but others may become an added and important part of their identity.

Many tattoos are simple designs such as lettering or numbers or designs which are in a different color than the body they are to be attached to. However, some simple designs are also considered quite valuable and very attractive.

For the most part, the tattoos you can get from a tattoo artist are usually of one of the following:

a circle, rectangular or square

two lines, lines, lines, rectangles and so on

a line or a pattern of lines

a pattern (that is not a circle or rectangle) or a rectangle of lines. Some patterns or lines are made of other materials such as rubber or latex. Some patterns are painted, printed or colored. Some patterns are geometric.

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