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Answer: This is the first question which is answered in the verse of the hadith mentioned above. It is a question which one is asked when he is seeking to make a decision regarding what to do with a lady by the husband. If there is anyone who desires to be clear on this matter, then I would urge them to read (the following):

“If a man falls in the (way of) a woman for any of his affairs except that of the hajj or the pilgrimage, and the (first) sex (with her in the sight of a man is a) marriage, then one who finds such a case and decides to marry her must not take his (lakwah or) divorce until she calms down; and (again) when she calms down, (the husband) may remarry her” [al-Tirmidhi].

This means that a husband cannot give his wife a divorce until he calms down. And when she calms down, then the man who knows about the case, should remarry her. And the second time she calms down, after two years, then he may divorce her. This is a fair thing for both parties, because the one who divorced his wife first was the one who found her in a state which she was not in before the divorce. And, Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“There are those amongst you who say: ‘Our wives are our inheritance, so when an orphan comes to us, we take him from his family and we marry for him.’ But it is not (fit with) thee, if thou wouldst take someone out of his family; then give him to a rich man.” [An-Nisa’ 4:23-24]

This clearly shows that the wife is just like a child and is not given the right over her life. Allah says on the same verse that she is like other people, “Verily, those people (men and women) whose wives and daughters are left to them among their womenfolk, are not more righteous than the rest of mankind. And the best of you in deeds is he whose wife and mother-in-law is left to him of all of them, then he is most righteous in faith, and among the believers there is none more righteous than he in this kind of matters.” [An-Nisa’ 4:17-18]

So you can see that the wife’s right to divorce and rem

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