What religion Cannot touch dogs? – 500 Tattoo Designs

You cannot claim religion does not touch dogs. Dogs, as we all know, are very sensitive animals – which is very similar to humans. Dogs have an excellent sense of smell and sense of hearing, are intelligent and are social. They are sensitive to pain, distress and fear. Dogs, like human beings, find things and people attractive. And dogs are not easily hurt, so why should animals not enjoy being treated fairly? Why should animals get hurt and abused?

The above is not to say that Islam is not a religion, but it is also not true that Islam cannot touch dogs. Dogs are not the only animals suffering from being mistreated in the name of religion. Dogs are also suffering due to a lack of welfare services in our country. However, I am not going to make a “case” that Islam is the cause of all this animal suffering. I will simply say it can influence the way a Muslim can treat animals. This can even happen within families.

Islam does have restrictions to some things, but the reality is that Muslims are allowed to make their own choices. For example, Islam does not have any prohibition regarding the killing of animals, but many Muslims follow this religion so much to the extent they have killed dogs, cats etc to satisfy their curiosity. I personally saw this in a mosque that I had attended where a woman had been making friends with the cats there at the time as she wanted to help them. When I spoke up about this I was immediately abused. I was told not to talk like that, why can’t I be more “moderate” and do something to solve the problems. This type of response is not a rational way to look at what I have said. Islam says nothing about violence, hatred or the killing of dogs.

“Animals are not a part of the concept of the Creator, so if a dog dies in an accident, it cannot be considered a part of mankind. Even if he is not killed, it might have been due to ignorance and he might have caused harm to his own animals.” — Sunan Abi Dawud, vol 3, p. 463

It is interesting to me to see this example where Islam is the only “religion” that can make some Muslim have to treat animals like they should be treated. The Qur’an is full of these types of statements that can lead an individual Muslim to have an “error of belief” or a failure of religious belief as stated by Imam Ibn Kathir (724 – 8

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