What tattoos are most popular? – Compass Rose Tattoo Designs

It’s really all about the artist’s individual aesthetic, and with that comes what people may think of as being the most in-demand tattoos. However, if there are certain types of tattoos that get the most attention, the rest seem to fall somewhere between.

What are some things people often find offensive?

A lot of times, people get tattooed to cover up bad traits such as depression, suicidal thoughts, etc., some people think it could be an attempt to be more accepting of other people’s struggles with mental health (although it might also indicate that the person actually doesn’t know or care that they have a mental health problem.) I also think the use of the derogatory term, “dick”, is a very poorly chosen one, as the word “dick” isn’t really derogatory in any sort of way.

What is your go-to tattoo art style?

I like to make a design using mainly watercolours and pencils because I feel the process of drawing these can allow for more original and meaningful designs. It can also help to create an overall aesthetic feeling for a design, rather than drawing it directly onto the skin. I actually think watercolours look better on people with thin skin, because the natural colours don’t stand out too much in the natural light.

What’s on your Twitter?

The image below shows more of my tattoos that you might see here:

I actually really like my Twitter feed, mainly because it shows me out of my comfort zone. A lot of my friends would never want to actually see that, whereas I do.

Are you happy with how many people have gotten yours?

I don’t actually think of my Twitter audience as “people”, so I really can’t say anything for sure, but I’d say that it hasn’t changed that much over the last six months, and that it is still very much the same number of people that I know that are actively on Instagram.

What is your favorite tattoo?

The image below shows a different version of the tattoo on my left arm:

It’s quite similar (as the original), so I really couldn’t decide which one I liked better. For now, I’m still happy with either.

What was your idea for getting a tattoo in the first place?

The tattoo that began my tattoo journey in November was actually pretty difficult to get (I know, I know: it’s hard to see the reason why somebody

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