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The results above aren’t exactly surprising: most adults are tattooed, and people are particularly fond of getting tattoos. If you’ve checked the “popular” tattoo websites before, you may have realized that there are a lot of images, or at least the same images as what you see on the site. There are other sites, not linked on this page, that offer more information about tattoos and their popular or average prices. They are worth a visit.

Also, the prices on these pictures may not match what you’re looking at. For example some of the images on Nails & Laces say “$80” for a “one-of-a-kind” tattoo, and other sites offer “one-of-a-kind” tattoo prices that include free shipping on orders valued at $300.

Do you have some personal recommendations for tattoos?

Sure, of course, especially if you’re a tattoo enthusiast. If you have some recommendations to recommend, please put them in the Comments section below.

Have you read any great guides on tattoos or how to learn tattoo techniques?

If so, please add them to the Comments section below. For more information:

Where to Learn Tattooing

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