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In the US, the top 2 tattoos most common among adults are a cross tattoo, a ‘Belt and suspenders’ tattoo, and a penis and feet-crossed heart tattoo. However, tattoo artists are now getting younger, in tattooing women at a younger age.

In the U.S., women between 30 and 39 months of age are most likely to have a cross tattoo (29% of this age group). Meanwhile, women age 21 or older are most likely to have a tattoo of a ‘belt buckle’ (13%).

Americans over age 50 are most likely to have a penis and feet tattoo (25%). This includes people who have been tattooed in the past and people with a long history of tattoos for a specific reason like sex, religion or heritage.

In Canada, the top 2 most frequently found tattoos are the letters ‘C’ for male pattern baldness and ‘R’ for the words ‘Red Nose Day’ and ‘S’ for tattoo’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Trump has denied wrongdoing in the matter

A woman claiming sexual abuse by President Donald Trump has sued him in a federal lawsuit in New York, his first such lawsuit in the US.

Natasha Stoynoff claimed Mr Trump touched her inappropriately in 2005 as she sat in the first class seat of a flight with her grandmother.

The US president is suing the former reporter, claiming her lawsuit is “false and malicious”.

A spokeswoman for Mr Trump’s lawyer called the lawsuit “the latest example of an anonymous disgruntled former employee using a pseudonym and a false story to try and damage the president” and “one of many attempts by this former employee and others to damage his presidency”.

The suit stems from the time Mr Trump was a New York businessman, and her allegations are said to be based on the then-candidate being on a plane with Miss Stoynoff, who was then his campaign manager. Miss Stoynoff, now a broadcaster, has no formal legal standing.

Mr Trump is also suing a former journalist, Monica Lewinsky, over allegations that she lied about an encounter with her in a hotel room in the 1980s, when she is now a 70-year-old. The president says Mr Lewinsky – whom he said he had sex with “many times”, but only five times – broke the law.

What is the latest news?

Mr Trump launched the lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday after

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