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In a nutshell, the Bible never has an issue with divorce. What Jesus said regarding divorce in Matthew 14:25 and Mark 10:28 is that only by making amends could Christ have forgiveness of that one sin. Therefore, Christ would never divorce a married person, never, under any circumstances. Christ’s love was eternal, no matter what was done.

So what about people who are divorced?

While we know from the Bible that Jesus was an unconflicted and loving husband and father, and that he had divorced the woman, we no longer know the exact way that the Bible interprets the word ‘divorce.’ If divorce was something Jesus actually practiced, then He clearly did not view it as a sin. However, we find that in Matthew 19:6 we find what appears to be Jesus’s view of divorce in light of John 5:22. If Jesus practiced divorce, then He would have prohibited women from getting Married at a later date (since John 5:22 reads, “Marriage is ordained of God, but a man commits adultery if his wife has committed adultery with another man.”), lest men be ‘sinners’ in the sight of God. So He would have made divorce a sin, and God would have condemned men who married women outside the Church. But since Jesus Himself never divorced a married person, then Jesus obviously condemned the sin of divorce and the adultery that went along with it, not because He believed it to be sinful, but because it was a necessary evil that Jesus had to get rid of from time to time as a way to save His people.
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As to divorced women, no God would ever judge them or have them punished for their sin of divorce. But because Jesus never divorced a single person, this would have never been a valid sin against him!

The best response

So to sum this up, we have only one verse to go on from John (though there are many and diverse), and from Matthew. Jesus’ statement that divorce is not a sin (Matthew 19:6) and that he never did it is based on the fact that He did not divorce anyone and that He is God’s perfect (or holy!) husband. When Jesus is mentioned at all, it is in a sense as a perfect God with all the proper qualifications to be considered God’s perfect husband, not that He always did what was necessary to save people from sin.

Note too, that the way the Bible interprets the words ‘divorce’ and ‘

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