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The divorce chapter in the Bible was written to prevent any future evils caused by a long period of divorce. In some cases, a marriage should have been preserved after several years, with the wife remaining in her husband, but the Bible tells the husband that he is no longer his wife and her new husband can come to any of the houses belonging to his wife without his consent.

The divorce chapter in the Bible goes on to state that no man can marry again “until the law has been fulfilled in his heart” that is, until he has forgiven his wife. After this the husband “must not forsake his wife” and her new husband “must not leave her.” The wife, the man and the congregation must all be united together in their worship until God has completed His work in the home.

In order to avoid trouble, divorce is only entered into by both parties who come to court with full disclosure to their spouses, and all the other people in the family. If the marriage is in danger of breaking down, then the husband takes the matter to the elders to have the wives and children brought into court, which is known as a “public declaration of nullity”. If there is cause to divorce, then it is referred to the next meeting of the wives and the congregation as a “public declaration of nullity”. The last words of the law say the wife “must not have intercourse with her husband”, but since this law was introduced it is common to find women who are not strictly obeying the law and are allowed to leave and have intercourse with their husbands, sometimes in the presence of other children.

Divorce in the early Church

Christianity was in its early stages and the marriage laws were very restrictive and had to be changed. The word divorce is derived from the Greek term, οι (dionos), meaning death. After Jesus had returned from Pilate, and after he was baptized in the Jordan River, he took up his abode in the tomb which was found empty. His disciples, who had been told that there was no resurrection, were greatly disappointed when Jesus appeared. Jesus had said that unless God would allow it, man would be separated from his God and this he told them was a sign of his death and resurrection.

When the disciples heard these words, they were greatly terrified. They called Jesus to them, asked him what this meant, and he told them to get into the boat, and it was as if this great death had taken place without the

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