Who invented tattoos? – Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs Wrists

As you know, people began to get tattoos in ancient Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, Japan, China and India. Today, the most widely known tattoo is the Chinese symbol for “water” known as the “water-mark.”

Why do these people get them?

When people get tattoos they make a big difference. Not only do they mark their boundaries, they are giving their own selves the same symbol that has been used by all humanity for hundreds of years: the sun and the moon.

Where in the world does the tattoo work best?

It works best on the top of the head. The lower sections of body do not work well.

What can I expect?

A slight pain, but in my experience these tattoos are permanent. When I get a tattoo, I can expect two weeks until it gets permanent and it usually takes about three months to get the one below the shoulder. And to finish off the tattoo, there is usually another two weeks when it starts to go away.

Do I need to leave home to get the tattoo?

No; you can wear all of your tattoos all of the time! You can pick any place you choose! Even in the city.

When does my tattoo go away?

In my experience, it can go away in three to five days when the sun goes down or after about a week when the sun goes back up. If you get tattooed at night or when the sun is higher than the middle of the night, expect it to take a couple of days.

Is it safe?

It is safe, however, you don’t want to risk getting hurt by the tattoo needles. I recommend using a needle that is made specifically for the area and that has a “low” pressure tip. In my experience it goes away fast, so be careful!
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I got an ink tattoo and it is not working! Why?

You can ask about a custom tattoo designed with me. I’ll design it for you from scratch and make sure that you can see the design on your tattoo when you are done! Custom tattoos can be done by anyone!

How long does it take to get the tattoo done?

I do my best to let you know how long it takes by email so you don’t get frustrated! It could take up to thirty minutes or so, depending upon the ink you are using, the way you have chosen to use it, etc.

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