Why are military tattoos called? – Mahakal Tattoo Designs Mehndi

It’s an honorific.

Why do the Navy members wear black bands under their arms?

It’s called the ‘Black Flag’. It’s a big ole’ black flag.

What else do Navy sailors do before going sea?

I was going to call it something else, but it seems so fitting.

What are the main differences between the Navy and Marines?

The Marines are the Marines and the Navy are The Military. Some may say that they aren’t quite the same, but you have to admit, Marines still are pretty cool.

Do Marines fight with bows and arrows and muskets?

In my opinion, if there was a war, they would need guns and ammo.

What do Marines wear to a reunion?

They don’t really have a reunion, it happens on weekends, so there isn’t a lot of time for that (laughs).

What do Navy SEALs wear?

If you want to know, there is one, but it happens on a Wednesday or Thursday.

What’s the biggest misconception about enlisted sailors?

If you have any experience at all with them, they come in dressed in their black uniforms with their medals and their flags. They don’t have any hair on their head and they don’t have any piercings. What do you expect from someone who has spent all their lives in the armed services and who has fought wars and is on the honor rolls? They’re all pretty damn serious about it.

What do Navy SEALs wear?

They are the same uniform that the Marines wear except that no tattoos or hair are on their hair. In fact, all the hair that they have is shaved off. You wouldn’t expect people in their late teens or early twenties to shave their skin. If you are an enlisted sailor, you’ve probably seen the hair on a few Navy SEALs and it looks like they’ve shaved their heads. The hair is all shaved off, but what you don’t see is any hair hanging out or in front of the neck.

What does the Navy SEAL wear?

The Navy SEAL is in black. It’s the same as the Marines. The hair is shaved by the neck. You don’t see any piercings. In fact, if the people you don’t want to get on your good side see them, they don’t look that different.

What’s the biggest misconception about SEALs?

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