Are newer tattoos easier to remove? – Tattoo Removal Video

Yes! They’re all over the Internet, we just don’t have an exact number. They all look different because they come from different artists, and all can have a different removal method, so if you’re getting one of these new tattoos, take note of which one looks better for that process.

Have they gotten any new trends?

No. They have a very low rate of infection, which is very important in today’s society in terms of getting rid of bacteria. If you have a tattoo of a penis, or a vagina, you’d have really high infection rates. In fact, this summer, when people had new tattoos, most of them were infected with the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, so it might seem like they have changed… but no. They’ve got lower infection rates than ever.

Have any women gotten their tattoos done online?

No. There’s still stigma, and the process is so expensive that people can’t afford it.

What does tattoo removal mean?

What is tattoo removal? It’s removing the tattoo, and it can’t get any deeper so it just leaves the skin raw again, so your skin goes back to normal, you’ve got a new tattoo, I don’t know… you can do it yourself though if you really want to. It’s not a fun task, you’ve got to clean the tattoo off, it’s not like you can wipe the tattoo away with an antiseptic to clean yourself off, you have to go in there and get all over the skin with your fingernails, and it’s not a fun job.

Are there any common misconceptions about tattoo removal?

There’s probably some ignorance about this, people may be thinking it’s like removing a bad acne patch that they’ve got on their face. That’s not what it’s like. Tattoo removal is actually very, very painful, but not as difficult as someone in medical school would have told you.

Are there any common misconceptions about post-tattoo skin?

They’re actually pretty straight-forward. No one likes an angry tattoo! The only thing they could imagine is that it gets a little bit brown. But as for that, they would be incorrect, because the bacteria is more spread out than brown.

You said that most new tattoos come from artists, but have you ever seen other people getting them?

Oh yeah, quite a few people have done that. When I

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