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You probably won’t be able to. If you want to get a tattoo in black, there are four main things you have to do: 1) Get the proper black tattoo studio licence, 2) get the approval of your local authority to have those two tattoos or 3) find out whether black tattoos are allowed or not on your body. And that’s where the whole story about the UK’s black scene starts.

When it comes to black tattoos on a European citizen’s body, you can have them done in black, even if your body is entirely white. Just like you can have a yellow tattoo with no visible white parts, or a black one with a complete lack of white markings. You don’t have to have them done in a specific colour to get them, the same goes for black tattoos, but they also have to be done in black, in a tattoo clinic.

The reason for this is that it is illegal in European countries to use colour printing techniques to imitate the skin markings of other races.

And what if someone asks you what colour you got your tattoos in, or asks where you got it done?

If they aren’t going to have a good answer as to what color their tattoo is, they will have you do some detective work, and most likely call the authorities to see if black tattoos are allowed to be painted on you.

So yeah, black tattoos are a thing in the UK but the tattooing laws aren’t quite right. Not only that, but the UK’s black community and some of the black communities in America are in favour of black tattoos being done in black, but the tattooing regulations aren’t exactly the same as the regulations in Europe.

So basically, what’s going on?

Yes, black tattoos are permitted in the UK for some pretty crazy reasons. The majority of black tattoo artists are in the US, and for more than a decade they have been using an ink with “black pigment” that are used for black, with no grey areas and a dark purple color. That means the ink has to be in black and the only way they can get a black tattoo is by getting a tattoo artist in the US to bring the ink in.

But back to tattoos; there are different techniques to do it, with some people asking about black tattoos being done in a full colour and some not. As a result, there are two laws in place that govern them: the Criminal Justice and Health (Scotland) Act of 1997 and the

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