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I am a 19 year old female who does not want me own tattoos removed. A tattoo removal expert friend of mine suggested removing all her tattoos. I would like some advice before we do this. Thank you in advance!!! Danielle

A. The only time you are likely to notice a tattoo without a tattoo removal specialist in person is when you are trying to remove it, or when you are using a tattoo removal product. While you cannot guarantee your tattoo will stay the same, this will also be a short term experience. My advice would be to avoid getting tattoos where you don’t want them (usually on your head). If you don’t take them, they will grow, and a tattoo removal specialist can remove them when they grow into a full size tattoo. I would recommend your local tattoo removal specialist. If they do not have an office near you, you can call your nearest piercing parlor for a quote. They may be able to do an estimate for you. They have been doing tattoos successfully for so long, there is a good chance they can give you an estimate. If you do not get a quote, just let the parlor know, and they will be happy to quote you. For details on how to tell a tattoo removal specialist from a tattoo parlor, see my previous answer (above). Also, if you still are interested in getting them covered, you may need to get professional help to make sure that your tattoo stays fully covered (e.g. laser).

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Aftercare tips between laser tattoo removal sessions
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