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It’s not the tattoo itself that gives you cancer but the pigment used. Most tattooers use pigmented pigments for coloring, which are a very fine powder-based ink. Some can become cancerous over time after a lifetime of exposure. Other tattoo artists can produce a dark pigment that’s much less damaging and is more suitable for the human body.

Trucks like to keep things as clean as possible from the outside world. As the sun and elements can irritate the ink, the ink itself isn’t the problem so much as the pigment. Pigment containing oil, for example, can accumulate on the body as your body absorbs water from the skin. The body uses this as part of a daily water supply and the pigment can turn into melanoma, the most common malignant skin cancer.

Another thing truckers are advised to be very careful with when handling their tattoo is that their body will become very oily. Oil can stain the body if it comes in contact with the ink that’s used as a coloring. Once the tattoo is over your skin, you’ll be able to keep it covered at all times.

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Tattoos can be found at tattoo parlors

You can find tattoo parlors on any road that leads from the center of town to the desert. Here, you’ll find all kinds of art as well as tattoo machines and supplies. Even if you can get the tattoo done at home, chances are you’ll want to go with a tattoo shop that has professional experience, has the same equipment, and can give you the exact color you’ll be interested in. In this case, the shop will take care of the details so you never need to worry about getting the tattoo too messy or over done. You can also come meet the artist and get your color and ink custom-made using the appropriate machines.

The colors, the tattoo parlors in the desert will probably have different methods for tattooing, so take note that it’s worth learning how to do each option before you go.

Other tattoos and other health questions

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