Can tattoos give you cancer? – Tattoo Removal Painless

What would you think happens when you get a tattoo that looks like cancer. I was thinking, if my tattoo looks like cancer what would make it look?

Well, I’ll tell you what it would look like if my tattoo looked like a bunch of holes that were being pushed through my tattoo. It was just not going in the other direction to look like cancer. My tattoo really looks a lot like a lot of other tattoos that aren’t cancer because all the ink that had been in there, the ink that had been in there for a long time, all the other ink that had been in there, all the other ink that had been in there for a long time, all the other ink that had been in there for a long time, and I mean a huge big thick layer over it, and basically the inside of the wall had so much ink that people had to get rid of the outside of it and put it inside of it and do all of the crazy stuff before it would even come out of the wall. So I went out and got these huge, large, yellowed balloons and I put that on the tattoo and put a lot of ink on there and then I put this layer of ink and a lot of ink and the tattoo got really really deep in the wall and I put the balloon over there. The bottom of it was covered in a lot of ink, not to mention that all the other stuff that was there, which is what they should have said was a heart, but instead they just said a hole, they just got the biggest hole. So they basically did a lot of things wrong, they were really careless in there and their judgement was terrible. I really don’t care if people think their tattoo looks like cancer. I just don’t care. It wouldn’t give me cancer. I wouldn’t get cancer, I wouldn’t die after the cancer.

That’s what you’re saying?

Yep. That was so stupid. That was so dumb.

What would you say about tattoo artists today? Why have these changes happened to them over the last 20 years?

Well, for 20 years, tattoo people thought tattooed and tattooed at the same time. They put tattooed on the back of one person and then tattooed on the back of another person and they didn’t really worry too much for anything else. So the tattoo industry kind of just grew and grew and grew and grew and grew. They started getting tattoos just from a big number of people going in

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