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I have a 7 inch x 7 inch inch tattoo that was put over the entire right side of my stomach. There is a dark gray band covering half of it. I can put it back on with no pain (the area was covered with bandages) by rubbing some pain reliever on my head and neck. Can I remove it after the tattoo is complete? The area can be treated, it can be removed or re-irradiated with a new tattoo in days, weeks or even months. I have a 6 inch x 6 inch tattoo coverage where a bandage is over the base of the wrist. I can’t put it back on using pain control. Do you have any recommendation regarding this procedure? I’ve been in pain for about a week after having a small tattoo that I removed for a 6 inch x 6 inch coverage. That was about two months ago and I have the pain all over my neck, chest, and back. Are you able to help with pain control in that location? Can I put an adhesive back on? Should I put a small pad or bandage on my neck to help ease the pain after removing a tattoo? Thanks again for your time.

A. Your tattoo is permanent, no matter the size. It does not matter how it is put on or how soon it is removed, it just is.

Q. Dear Vector, I’ve started work as a nurse, I’m looking into tattoos as a part of my training and my first client who was a very small person got a tattoo. There was a lot of work involved to give the client the tattoo and put it over their body. They are now doing a lot of research and trying to figure out what they can and can’t give to an individual. I have been told that it would be a better idea to have them give the client a small piece of skin to the top of the head with some filler and the base of the skull. Can this be done? What if they were to keep the ink on the top of the head and just give them a little piece of skin. They also said that it would be good to keep the piece of flesh in their mouth as they would not want to remove the piece of skin off. I know that it is easier for the client to have a little bit of skin in their mouth and this is a lot easier for them and easier for the tattoo artist, can they say, “It is okay for me to have that little piece of skin to the top of that head but

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