Can you remove a tattoo in one session? – Tattoo Removal Machine

Yes, at least as long as you aren’t doing anything else that’ll damage the skin. We have an entire section on getting and removing tattoos from a few of CMT’s experts. This page may also give you some ideas for your next tattoo removal session.

What if I already had a tattoo removed?

You’ll just have to decide whether you’d rather have something more permanent or want to be covered in an aesthetic tattoo for a few months.
Tattoo Removal | Lisa Bunin MD

When would I be ready to remove it?

You may already be pretty happy with the result and want to go ahead. Or, you may want to stop and go do something different.

What if there are scars? Are they still there or are they going away?

Depending on your scars you may want to do a skin graft, or just be covered in your tattoo. This page will explain what a skin graft entails.

What can I wash it all off with after it’s gone?

All it takes is some warm water and some gentle household cleaners. You won’t need to reapply it every day, and you’ll definitely want to use a water-based makeup and perfume base, since it’ll probably smell like a campfire when your hair starts to smell and the tattoo itself is so intensely strong.

My doctor just told me I should wear a bathing suit in the shower because it’s bad for me. Is that actually dangerous?

You want to avoid the shower altogether when you’re talking about scars, as they increase the risk of infections from the bacteria and bacteria-laden liquids. For tattoos too, you won’t want to shower all the time. We have some great advice for how to strip it all into a water-based liquid after it’s healed.

Will I look better wearing a bathing suit?

Yes! No matter what, it’s important you wear a bathing suit when you’re going out swimming or if you plan to be in a hot spring.

How can I tell if I have a scar after a tattoo removal?

If you notice you’re going to have more scar than before, you probably have some scarring, or scars near your tattoo. If you don’t see any scarring, then it’ll be easy to remove it.

I just had a full, fully-formed tattoo removed. It’s not very painful. Can I go back for a new one?

Yes, you will probably feel more comfort and better

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