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To be clear: We cannot remove tattoos on a human level, because there’s a body part in your body that’s the tattoo artist. But that doesn’t mean we can remove them without a patient going into surgery. That’s the tricky thing about this procedure, and we can’t share details because it’s a highly experimental procedure.

Why do you recommend removing tattoos after a person receives a treatment?

If a person wants to keep their permanent marker on their body and avoid surgery, then yes, that’s exactly what they should do, as opposed to removing it at the end of a four-hour process that takes hours and hours.

So why would anyone not see the surgery as better?

We don’t look at this as cosmetic, because it’s really not. This is an invasive procedure and it might have long-term long-term results [in terms of improving the skin’s appearance]. We are seeing more and more people who don’t want it. For some people it’s to make them physically better, for some it’s to improve their mental health, for others it’s to have a better relationship with their mom.

What if I have an ongoing emotional attachment to my tattoo or it’s more permanent than it was before I received treatment?

The tattoo removal doesn’t stop when your body stops having physical changes. We can still help people with tattoos, either through hormone therapy or in the form of electrolysis. It’s a very expensive type of therapy, and it can have some long-term negative results, but it’s an effective treatment option for some people.

This article was published in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health. It was written independently by Dr. Michael C. Levenson and Dr. Stephen B. O’Keefe
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