Can you remove a tattoo in one session? – Tattoo Removal Reddit

A: We do an assessment when you visit our clinic and if you have any tattoos you may want to remove.

Do you cover up piercings?

A: Yes. As explained in our piercer’s guide, we will ask you if you would like us to do an assessment. This can be done as a first step in your visit, or you can choose to do this after your visit after the assessment.

What do you do if I feel uncomfortable or don’t look my way?

A: If you feel uncomfortable or do not look your way, we encourage you to ask the person to leave, and ask him/her to leave for a chat. Please remember that many of people with disabilities are not comfortable with physical contact. Please let us know so we can support your request for the person to continue with the client. We also suggest asking the client to leave if you don’t want anyone to disturb you or feel uncomfortable.

Do you do any rehabilitation after tattooing a part of your body? What do you do?

A: While we have a good range of services and treatments available to patients, we do not do physical therapy after our treatments. However, most of our patients stay long term with us, and some have a permanent scar from the tattoos they were injured with.

Can I use a wheelchair?

A: Please note that we will not accept or provide a wheelchair access to our facility, at the discretion of the client. Also note that the clients are all wheelchair owners.

Can you tattoo partway around the body that I can’t see?

A: Yes. There is a small window here and there, or a large one if the customer prefers a large tattoo, which we can accommodate. However, please do not expect a tattoo to appear as if it are all the way around your body, as we do not do photoshoots to verify the size of your tattoo as part of the service provided.

Can I have a piercing removed with a plastic surgeon?

A: Yes, we offer some plastic surgery services as well for people with piercings or to reduce the size of a hole. The surgery will often be performed by a plastic surgeon, who has graduated in plastic surgery.

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