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Yes. Yellow tattoo was first documented in 1855 in Sweden, but the first documented documented case of someone getting yellow tattooed appeared in the United States in 1910, when the author of the popular Encyclopedia Britannica reported that a 19th century African immigrant man had a yellow tattoo in the area of the inner ear and was described as having “a little yellow or black mark” that appeared on his ear lobe. The American journal New Englander reported a case of a man in New Orleans who had a yellow tattoo on his nose.

How long is yellow tattoo permanent?

Yellow tattoo is permanent, but it is often a bit of a pain to remove. The removal process involves applying an application of liquid wax, which then dries to a powder. Some people might be unable to remove yellow tattoo in time without medical intervention.

Are there allergic reactions to yellow tattoo ink?

No. Yellow tattoo can be irritating, but not dangerous like other yellow tattoos.

Why is yellow tattoo usually found in the body, and not in the mind?

Yellow tattoo was the common color of the time and ink was used to mark people’s “signs of affection,” meaning the person with the tattoo also happened to be their child’s parent.

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The US will “never” drop a massive drone strike in Pakistan as President Donald Trump said “many” attacks were in the future of the war against the Islamist terror group, Reuters reported on Thursday.

The White House statement described the attack, which killed at least 24 people, as “a horrific reminder of the urgent need for Pakistan to take action against terrorist safe havens.”

The raid happened hours after Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress, where he said the US has “tremendous hatred towards ISIS [Islamic State].”

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“Pakistan has to solve their own terrorism problem,” he added.

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This is the first drone strike in Pakistan’s tribal belt since Trump took office on January 20.

‘We will never have a drone strike in Pakistan’

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