Do you have to be licensed to do tattoo removal? – Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal Richmond Va Airport Parking

No, it’s not, but there are laws that say you have to be licensed at some point. It’s just part of the job—you’re paid for it. If you’re licensed, you have to be able to go to the hospital if you start bleeding. There are licensed technicians who take care of that.

Are there any tattoo removal specialists you recommend?

There’s probably a little bit of a stigma when it comes to tattoo removal because of how dangerous some of the procedures are, but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. They do the best job you can do.

What’s the best way to get a clean tattoo?

First, it shouldn’t be on any sensitive parts. That’s where bacteria comes from. A clean tattoo goes into the body, and the body cleans it off itself, and then you send it to the hospital.

How safe is laser therapy?

Some people think it’s dangerous and people have died because they took a laser when they shouldn’t have. That didn’t happen to any of us. We’ve had people who didn’t know they did it die from it. That’s very rare. There are people that have gone crazy taking lasers.

Is that because it increases your risk of infection?
Transient Hypopigmentation Following PicoSure Laser Tattoo ...

If you get an infection from a laser, it’s very simple to treat that, but there are many other things in the laser that can cause problems and you know to be careful. You also need to go to a hospital to get it in.

What happens if a tattoo is infected?

If it’s a tattoo that’s not clean, you’re really screwed. There could be infection and bacteria all over the tattoo. That’s been known for the laser—you can get infections. A lot of the time it will clear up within a day or two.

How long does it take for a tattoo to get healed?

You’re going to have to see someone to do that. There are people in tattoo clinics who will do the procedure. Some people may not do it. It varies.

Have you found any of these jobs more stressful than others?

Sometimes people are like, “I’m not comfortable doing this,” because there are all sorts of things that could go wrong. One time there was some kind of bacteria that was causing cancerous growth, and after it was removed, the people around me started to have problems. We were going to be able to take care of

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