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Research has identified several key factors that may help remove ink over time.

Research indicates increased blood flow to affected areas of the body, improving blood flow and reducing swelling, as well as improving the healing ability of skin.

Researchers have also suggested that, as with most medical procedures, blood flow to skin and muscles can improve after exercising.

Research also indicates that increased blood flow to the affected area of the body can also help reduce swelling.

Exercise also increases blood flow to other areas of the body, such as the abdomen, groin, etc.

Many people believe that a healthy lifestyle is necessary to remove tattoos because many tattoos require extensive contact with skin. But exercise won’t remove ink from skin; it just may help remove ink on a larger scale within a particular area.

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Your doctor may recommend exercises on these and other areas of the body that might help remove tattoos. When you begin exercise, it may make sense to include a routine.

In addition to practicing exercise in your yoga class, do any and all exercises while working out to help improve blood flow and circulation to various body parts.

If you have skin cancer or active arthritis, find someone who will teach physical therapy if you have a history of these conditions.

Do physical therapy exercises for skin cancer or arthritis. These exercises can promote collagen buildup to help remove tattoo ink. Physical therapy can help to reduce swelling and inflammation; improving blood circulation to your skin. Physical therapy can also help to reduce pain in some joints.

Ask your health care provider about other factors that may help remove ink, such as stress or arthritis pain.

Keep in Mind: Some people may have problems recovering, while others may have problems recovering, but may still have some tattoos.

Some people recover and have no more tattoos, while others need to be more careful about tattoo removal. Talk with your health care provider about your risk for tattoo removal.

See our Tattoo Removal article for complete information about the treatment options for tattoos.

What Are the Side Effects of Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal is a medical procedure. If you decide to remove a tattoo, you will likely feel some pain and discomfort.

While some people feel discomfort and pain when they remove their tattoo removal options, you may not experience this if you follow some treatment options.

Some common side effects of tattoo removal include burning and itching of exposed skin, which may become worse after tattoo removal.


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