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If laser tattoo removal completely removes a tattoo, it is best to start by checking with a professional cosmetic surgeon. Anesthetic treatments with laser are often more expensive than those performed by a professional.

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The World’s Biggest Surfing Event

Surfing is an Olympic Games sport. It was the first of several new Olympic Games on which it participated in 1948. In the late 19th century, it was recognized to be a great physical, mental, and social exercise. Today, in the wake of the global recession that began in 2008 and its aftermath, it has been transformed into a mere commodity that is bought by banks. But surfing is also an Olympic sport, for many, because the sport is about freedom. It is not about the money, and it is not about the politics, and it is not about the doping. Surfers all over the world have taken that freedom and embraced its ideals.

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, several U.S. political candidates have spoken about their desire to ban surfing. That is an irrational decision that has no business in a democracy such as the United States, which is inextricably linked with surfing. But, a ban would have an incredibly detrimental effect, destroying that freedom. The reality is there is no ban. It is time that politicians listen to the voice of the people.

Sustainability is not a luxury. We have to take action. We need to support surfing, and put a stop to the corporate, governmental, and financial power that holds it back. It is time to make surfing an Olympic sport once again. You can and must do it.

In November, we learned that Apple and the European Commission were going to fight as it relates to the use of the word “iPhone” to refer to iPhones, iPads and the like. On Tuesday, things got even more interesting; Apple, in one of its trademark filing, has revealed the entire set of trademark uses that it plans for that term.

In one of the first trademark filings for terms related to products and services, Apple is taking aim at “iPhone” in the name of an iPad case. That’s a clear extension of the case it took with the US Patent and Trademark Office back in 2010, in which Apple won a decision that Apple had lost in trying to register the word “iPhone” for the iPad line.

But why is there even a single use of the “iPhone”? And why now? Let me count the ways. The first two

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