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The first thing you need to be aware of is that there are many different types of tattoo removal procedures. The most common type of tattoo removal is the laser (phototherapy and tattoo removal are both laser surgery). LASIK and laser resurfacing is another common type of laser technique used for tattoo removal. The major difference between these two techniques is the way they are removed. In laser surgery, it is typically not removed by a pair of scissors or a blade. Instead, it is put through the skin, usually in the direction of where the tattoo is located (in the lower, inner arm, etc.). When laser resurfacing, the tattoo is removed by heating the tattoo over a short duration. Typically, a laser is used to treat small, medium and large tattoos, with more advanced laser systems used for more complex tattoos. If you have a good understanding of the difference between laser resurfacing and phototherapy tattoo removal, then you can make an informed choice for tattoo removal.

When is tattoo removal harmful?

Tattoo removal is not meant to damage the skin. The most common symptoms associated with tattoo removal include discomfort, burning, irritation, skin inflammation and scaling. Some people may have negative reactions to tattoo removal due to the side effects. Some of the more common side effects include:

Creaminess and dryness. Pain during or after tattoo removal, or pain you experience when applying the tattoo

Painful or irritated skin

Stinging when using the tattoo removal products

Redness in the face or scalp

Swelling of fingers

Redness on the arms

Pain when wearing gloves

Skin irritation. Some people may experience itching and irritation from removing a tattoo. A person may also experience reddening of the skin. Sometimes people have a rash that spreads across the entire body with a red, purple or yellow appearance.

Is tattoo removal safe?

Although laser tattoo removal is a safe process, there are some risks associated with it such as skin irritation. Laser tattoo removal does not need to be done in public. The use of tattoo removal products will not make you sick, but can cause minor skin irritation. If a tatoo is removed safely and painlessly, it will heal quickly so you may not need to be on any medication. If you have a skin infection (dyspigmentation), this usually does not cause any problems and you also don’t need any medical treatments.

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