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What are the drawbacks? What are the risks of tattoo removal? Do I have to have another procedure to remove my tattoo? In this review of modern tattoo removal procedures we will look at the facts and the pros and cons of each method.

Who Has Tattoo Removal Surgery?

Since 2003 a person that has gotten tattoo removal surgery in the United States has been almost completely a man.

In 2010, about 10 women had it done, and in 2013, women accounted for less than 9 percent of tattoo removal surgeries.

Where Is Tattoo Removal Surgery Used?

Tattoo removal surgery is done both in outpatient clinics and in hospital emergency rooms, although it is increasingly used in private practice.

In the United States, over 50 percent of the people obtaining tattoo removal surgery are men. Men account for about 70 percent of all women who have gotten tattoos.

What Are the Most Common Reasons for Getting Tattoo Removal?

Most tattoo removal surgery is an outpatient procedure, which means this is not a routine procedure where a physician has to be present during the appointment.

What is the Most Common Complication of Tattoo Removal?

It is the most common complication of tattoo removal, though it is less common than other surgery. People who have gotten this procedure have a complication called scarring. Scarring can cause inflammation in the skin surrounding the wound or scar as the swelling gets larger over time. The surgeon will reduce the swelling by using a small amount of topical or chemical peels.

Do I Have to Have Another Procedure to Remove My Tattoo?

If you go to a tattoo removal center to get tattoo removal you will most likely need a repeat procedure, or you will need to have another procedure done, called an extraction.

The majority of women who get tattoo removal will not have this.

Tattoo Removal Surgery vs. Scarring

There is a misconception that tattoo removal has more risk than scarring, but it is actually very safe.

Many surgeons prefer to operate on the edges of the tattoo, so while scarring is less frequent for this method, many scars still make up for those edges.

Both methods are safe and effective treatment protocols for those who need tattoo removal, but it is better to have a tattoo removal process that is done in a setting that is comfortable, relaxed, and safe with no risks.

Tattoo Removal Types

There are two types of tattoo removal treatments:


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