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Tattoo Remorse
It depends. If you have had an accidental tattoo removal, your scarring is likely to be minor. If you have had a tattoo removed at an urgent care center, your scarring could be serious.

In the past, the most common outcome was to have a tattoo removed. This is no longer the case.

Most tattoo removal surgery includes a biopsy (special cutting procedure that pulls out a part of the tissue). Before this procedure, no one knew what type of scarring the process could leave.

During the biopsy, doctors look for abnormalities in the area. They then assess the condition and the scar and perform further treatment.

If more severe scarring than can be managed by a biopsy is found, the scar may need to be removed using a procedure known as excision. Once the injury is removed, or if a scar is left behind, scarring is much easier to correct than if you have had an accident to the skin.

You may have heard about Google’s Pixel 2’s new hardware on the Google Home, that’s all. However, if you’re wondering whether or not the Pixel 2 is really worth buying, you’ll have to wait for the real reveal when it arrives in stores in a number of market today. You know, so you don’t want to regret the $650, but have to wait so you don’t regret it too much!

We’re still getting some early samples of the Pixel 2, but that’s far less clear than you might think. In a recent episode of the popular Android Central podcast, Android Police’s Zach Epstein brought us two different units: one with an OLED screen and another with a LCD screen.

This brings us to today. While the two different models share their components, they do vary slightly under the hood. There’s an A3072 processor clocked at a modest 4.2GHz, a 3GB LPDDR4 RAM system-on-a-chip, and 4GB of RAM. While a 4-inch display is obviously going to be a step up, the display itself is a bit underwhelming. The Pixel 2 XL features a 5-inch 1080p AMOLED display.

As noted by the podcast, the two models are not official and are currently being provided by Google. So in the absence of actual information, we’ll just have to wait to see if it will be a downgrade to the 2’s 1080p display.

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