How long after tattoo removal do you see results? – Laser Tattoo Removal San Francisco

It depends on the nature of the tattoo.

If you removed it before it is healed and completely healed, you could see results within 6 weeks if the scar is not completely healed. If it is healed and you want to see results quicker, the scar should continue healing and healing for months or even years.

If it is very large and does not heal completely within six weeks, you can expect to have scarring and bruising for quite a few months or years, depending on how many years it has been healing.

Do I need further treatment? It depends on both the extent of scarring and your general health condition. In general, when there is a serious health problem, you may need to see a specialist such as a tattooist, optometrist or ophthalmologist and to pay for tattoo removal. However, you should only be concerned about if you are not getting enough sunshine and if you are taking drugs such as aspirin and antidepressants. This also depends what your overall medical condition is. More information and the best treatment for your condition can be found in the Ophthalmology & Vision section of the NHS Choices website.

A quick check on this section is available in our health website.

What do I do if I am still having a problem after removing the tattoo? Many of us may have had difficulties after removing the tattoo. Ask a tattoo expert or a dermatologist. You may be reassured by learning that removing a tattoo can usually improve your skin. A number of factors can affect the ability of the tissue to repair itself, including the body’s own ability to heal itself. You are also likely to have an area of scar tissue in your ear or around your eye which tends to regenerate around the new tattoo.

We also suggest that you talk to your friend who has had a tattoo removed and get an opinion before deciding whether you want the same removal treatment. It can make a big difference to your life.

What advice can we give people who have a scarring tattoo after an accident or injury? The advice we give here is based on the experience of the staff at our clinic and the experience of our customers. The main considerations we have given you when considering the safety and effectiveness of tattoo removal treatments is: to minimise any risks to you or a member of your immediate family, particularly children

to minimise any danger to yourself, especially if the tattoo is a large one

to maintain the permanent health of your scarred body

to improve your overall health.

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