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How long does it require to have a new tattoo repaired? You will never know if you ask that question because you don’t know how bad the problem is until you actually go through it yourself! Some tattoos are permanent and others are temporary, but most tattooing requires a few sessions to remove any temporary tattoo before it is repaired. The time it takes to remove a temporary tattoo depends upon when you get it, and how good the tattoo is in the first place.

First impressions may be everything

You will quickly realize that a lot of tattoos hurt when you remove them, no matter how long it takes. This is an unfortunate but true fact. Before you even begin removing, you have to take a good close look at the work to try to determine if it is temporary or not. What makes a tattoo permanent, however, is the way it is attached. To learn how to remove a temporary tattoo, read our guide to removing tattoos.

Once you decide that a temporary tattoo isn’t lasting and is probably temporary, you should schedule at least two sessions per month to remove your current tattoo(s), and to do it again in the future. Most of us tend to have very deep scars from our previous temporary tattoos, and the time it may take you to fully heal from an existing tattoo means that a tattoo that was once permanent is going to become a permanent thing. If you have been tattooing for some time, you probably have many more tattoos from previous temporary tattoos than you know about!

After your second session, there is usually no need to remove your current temporary tattoo for a while, or for three to five years. After several months, however, you will likely need to remove your current permanent tattoo, or at least reattach your old temporary one. Many people can only afford one or two sessions before needing to remove their permanent tattoo, so you will want to be sure it isn’t permanent. Sometimes, permanent tattoos are just made temporary in the process of the process to prevent further damage from the original tattoo. For that reason, you really shouldn’t be applying permanent tattoos for at least two to three months to make sure you are protected from the damage that can result if it is not removed as soon as possible.

If you are trying to remove tattoos by machine and/or do not have a local tattoo parlor or tattoo artist readily available to you, you may wish to consider using tattoo removal by laser. This type of tattoo removal requires little or no experience, and the cost of using a machine

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