How much do tattoo removal Techs Make? – Tattoo Removal Video

Some of the best tattoo removal techs make at least $80,000 annually per year, but that can quickly become a lot in Los Angeles or other high-cost urban areas with high tattooing populations and many other tattoos. In addition, tattoo removal can be more complicated and expensive.

If your tattoo removal needs are really low or you want to remove low budget tattoos and not pay a lot in fees, try one of our tattoo removal doctors. They can provide tattoo removal at lower cost and do it in a low-stress environment.

Tattoo removal costs vary greatly across the US and even between individual doctors, so it is helpful to know what the average dollar costs are in your community.

For example, a tattoo removal procedure in LA costs $1,800 for the doctor, and $2,500 if the procedure is performed in a non-medical clinic.

Tattoo removal costs are also higher in other regions of the US. Tattoo removal costs are higher outside of the USA, even more so in Texas.

Tattoo Removal Surgery Cost Comparison

Below is a list of the most commonly performed tattoo removal in-office and out-patient procedures in the USA by location:

A full list of tattoo removal by location can be found on our Costs per Procedure page.

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