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What is the cost to have it removed?

The cost of a tattoo removal is determined by how much the tattoo is exposed to water, and what the result is. In general the cost is much lower in areas that have very little water exposure.

What are the common types of tattoos?

There is no uniform system of “normal” tattooing. If it isn’t listed in the tattooing code or listed elsewhere on the site, you won’t get a discount.

In some cities, it is common to have several different tattooing communities, with some of the communities having more specialized tattooing practices than others.

Below is a list of tattoo types, most common to be found.

Types of Tattoos

For the most part the most common tattoos are body art, with tattoos for women often being more complex and revealing.

The term “body art” doesn’t mean that all body art is one type. A lot of tattooing can be considered body art, and you will get discounts and other benefits if you do work with body art or for an institution that does body art.

In some cultures, a lot of tattoos are considered to be a sacred symbol. The Tattooology Institute has been created to address these sacred tattoos issues.

In the US there are the following types of tattoos:

Mastectomy/Dynasties, which are large tattoos from the removal of large breast tissue

Breast Implant Tattoos, where one area is designed to look like the nipple of a woman.

Breast and Breast Implant Transplants, where one body part has been transformed by a breast implant or a breast augmentation.

Prostate Implant Tattoos, where the organ in the arm is a prostatic organ which implants into another member of a male family, usually a male partner

Leg Tattoos, where the “leg portion” is either a prostatic region on which the foot is connected to the body, or the lower arm of the leg. It is usually very simple but can range into much more complex tattoos

Moles/Penises, also called testicles

Male Bilateral or Female Body Art or Female Body Art, for example penises, balls, breasts, etc, or labia large and small, or labia minor and small

Some types of Male Body Art are known as “Male Tattoos”. Male Tattoos tend to be more complex and often involve a

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