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In October, 2016, the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) published an open letter to voters expressing concern about the impact of the Citizens United decision on consumers:

As the world’s largest convenience stores, we value and understand your interest in making your voices heard. We recognize that this is an election year and that this can become a national issue and the national debate about our role in America is going to be even more intense. We are eager to participate, but we are concerned that consumers, especially middle and low income families, may not have all the facts available to them.

The NACS letter was a response to concerns raised by voters after Citizens United v. FEC and our first open letter to voters before that decision. The open letter expressed concern about the impact of Citizens United on both stores and their customers, and suggested that if the campaign contributions that have dominated political discourse throughout the nation over the past 20 years could happen to someone else, we would feel justified in demanding answers:

The idea that corporations have a constitutional right to keep and spend unlimited amounts of money in U.S. elections is not novel, but is rather part of the core of what is referred to as the “corporate welfare” argument that has made such a big impression on the public over the past few decades.

There are three types of problems I see with this argument. First, it assumes that the only relevant facts to voters regarding the impact of “corporate welfare” on voting practices are the facts known to the business and lobbyist, and hence this argument does not address the implications of campaign finance laws or other election regulation on corporate influence on our politics. Second, the assumption that corporations pay for “campaign finance reform” has already been addressed by voters who have seen corporate donations to political campaigns, in large part, as a direct result of the influence of the “corporate welfare” argument. Third, it assumes that corporations, unlike individuals or small and medium-sized businesses, can not be held accountable for influencing their representatives, and therefore we cannot make the relevant facts available to the public.

The open letter to voters also proposed a “New Consumer Economy” that could avoid the corporate welfare argument. I agree

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