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If I look, will not a tattoo on my body be permanent? Will a tattoo fade with age?

Yes. Tattoos on your body are generally designed so you will only need to see a tattoo removal surgeon once each year. Because of the age associated with the skin on your body, your surgeon may still see a small amount of scarring every few years as the skin heals and ages. Over time, however, the scarring will decrease in strength and your tattoo will become less noticeable.

What if I am pregnant? If I am with a partner I have gotten a tattoo on my body. Should I have it removed or did I make a mistake and not realize it?

For anyone who is pregnant, your doctor will ask you what kind of tattoo you have and how long you have had it. If the condition is minor, it is usually not an issue to let anyone else or your spouse have a tattoo on your body since your birth certificate might not be valid or your partner may be able to get the tattoo on their own.

If you are with a partner it is also good practice to have the tattoo removed for them. Once your marriage ends, it is up to you and your partner to decide if you would like to continue with the tattoo and if they would want one removed.

If your partner has not gotten one, that is their choice. If you do not have a partner and your husband owns the tattoo then it is more likely that you and your husband will decide to keep it so that other tattooed people can avoid a tattoo removal at a later date. Your husband owns the tattoo and the tattoo removal will be provided by the tattoo removal facility that he works at.

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Where will I go to get a tattoo removal?

If you are looking to get a tattoo removal now, you should consider the following tattoo removal locations. When deciding where to go for tattoo removal, talk to the tattoo removal surgeon that is doing the tattoo removal in your location.

You should not visit any of the tattoo removal venues for tattoo removal unless you have received proper and documented certification from the tattoo removal surgeon that is handling your specific situation.

In addition, when having your tattoo removal done by a tattoo removal clinic, you should not have tattoos removed that do not meet the specifications in the specific tattoo removal procedure described above.

When visiting a tattoo removal facility, you should be careful to check that they follow the rules of operation and are operating in compliance with FDA regulations and are

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