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Most of the time removing tattoos is not the easiest part. We can’t remove most tattooed areas on our bodies. That said it is great to know you can. Let’s do the same thing, and remove all tattooed areas on our bodies in the future!
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How do I make sure that I’ve got a perfect tattoo?

The same can be said about an overall look and fit. If you’re not happy with an overall look or the fit we recommend you try finding a new tattoo artist. Some tattoo artists provide complimentary services and make it easier for you to complete your tattoo because we are all friends and are able to provide a more personalized, personal look.

Where can I find a tattoo artist in my area?

Check out our “Tattoos in My Area” section to find a tattoo artist near you.

How can I get a free T-shirt with a tattoo on my body?

Free tattoos are available to all of our customers, though there is a strict selection process. You can receive a free tattoo or tattoo item, however you must purchase a shirt (unless we can use your image). You can see if you could use the item with a t-shirt and where to buy it here.

Can someone get a tattoo on me and not tell?

If you are curious about whether someone else can get a tattoo on you then you may get a bit confused with this. You are not allowed to ask for a tattoo to be done on you if you do not want it. There were some cases where some people would go through with the tattoo and not tell their friends that this happened, only to leave it up to them to decide if they wanted the tattoo. It’s understandable!

Is a tattoo on me protected against other people getting it on them?

Of course not! It is very dangerous and there is no way of protecting you if you get a tattoo from someone else.

Can I get a tattoo if I’m under 16?

You must be over 18 to tattoo with an adult – this includes tattooed areas on your body. When you reach 18 years old on your own you can apply for an ID card, or just tell us your current age. If we allow it we will provide a unique, unique tattooed label to wear at all times.

What if nobody has asked to get a tattoo on me – is that okay and what then?

You’ll likely see a few people

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