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The easiest tattoos to clear up are the smaller pieces that cover just a fraction of a percentage of your body. This includes tattoos on the face or forehead, the neckline, the upper arms, and so forth.

Most of these require you to use a tattoo removal mask, a product that you apply to the skin you’re hoping to clear up. The mask works best on larger pieces, but a good rule of thumb is to wait two weeks before using any type of tattoo removal product.
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That said, when it comes to tattoos that’re less than two inches in front of the skin, the standard two-week window is probably more than enough time to remove the skin’s pigment—a process we call “microdissection.”

In these cases, you’ll just clean the whole area with a clean cloth and wait at least 24 hours before reapplying. This is especially good for smaller, more subtle tattoos, like the one above on the right.

What types of tattoos are the easiest to remove?

Although larger tattoos are usually the easiest to remove, there are many smaller tattoos you can remove with just a brush.

When it comes to removal of body-piercing tattoos, the most common type is called a pin-up, which is a fairly popular size. The size may be smaller than what you would find in your average store for an adult, but you can still get away with a few of these.

Another common body piercing, called a tramp stamp, is also pretty easy to remove. For those with bigger ones, you may not have much use for pin-ups, but for smaller ones you will.

As a general rule, for any larger body-piercing tattoo with a visible line in one of its locations, it isn’t a good idea to apply a tattoo removal mask to it. There is the possibility that the pigment will be permanently etched in the surface—possibly permanently deformed and scarred—which will take much less time and work to remove. For these types of tattoos, we suggest getting a body-piercing tattoo removal mask if you need it.

For pin-up tattoos, even if you don’t have much of a line, you can always ask a friend to help you remove one of these tattoos if you’re not up to your usual routine:

If you want to remove pin-up tattoos with just your brush, there isn’t much extra work involved. First, clean the area

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