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There are a lot of tattoos that require just a simple makeup remover followed by a quick rinse with water.

If you want to remove a tattoo and it’s an intense piece, you may need a different type of remover with many other ingredients such as:


A few drops of petroleum jelly

A good moisturizer

Stuffing cream

Punishment cream


A high-quality water proof pen

A good pen tip

There is a ton of information on the internet about the benefits of tattoos. Some people like to use a special ink remover called “Drybar.” The drybar goes on extremely fast and removes the tattoo at once even if you use a traditional method to remove ink. Drybar can be purchased online or used locally. Another good choice for tattoos is “Fluid Ink Removal.” This product works with tattoo ink that isn’t normally removable, which is usually the same ink that would be used for the original tattoo. The liquid ink removes the ink and leaves a perfectly clean tattoo.

When to Remove Your Tattoos?

Generally, you should remove tattoos around the holidays. If your tattoo is very specific to your personality, and it’s just the right color, then it should be fine. However, when it comes to the rest, it depends on the complexity of the tattoo, how old it is, and how much time has passed since it was first tattooed.

One way to tell when you’ve been removing tattoos properly is by using a tattoo color picker. This is a device that you stick to your wrist when you’re doing any tattoo and it allows you to easily mark out a new tattoo on a piece of fabric.

Also, I usually remove my tattoos around a month after they’re originally done and a lot of the older tattoos are more visible after around 2 weeks, but a lot of more recent tattoos aren’t quite as visible after 2 weeks.

So to find out if you’re ready to remove your tattoos before then, take a look at this infographic. Just to get an idea of what you can expect to see in this infographic, you can go back to previous years to see how many tattoos I have removed.

If you’ve already removed multiple tattoos, the number of total tattoos in your body will change. In the infographic, each red arrow point was a tattoo I removed and the number in the “Total tattoos” column was the number that

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