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I can see why this question is so hard to answer due to the complexity of the process. I’m using a laser to remove the first layer of the tattoo and that will only take an hour or so, however I’d be curious to learn more about the process of removing other layers or different methods to help make it more pleasant. Are your opinions on the removal of different tattoos affected when using different lasers? What was the most difficult one to accomplish? What type of laser or techniques are best for the skin type and/or tattoo color you’re applying the tattoo to? How do you feel about the use of non-treatable, cosmetic inks as filler so as to save ink supply and avoid over-treatment? Can you think of any reason to not use inks as a filler as your tattoos are more visible and in some cases a lot more permanent because your skin is more affected by the ink?

I would agree that you can be more successful with filler depending on the color and ink you’re applying. In a white ink with a yellow finish, you can often remove the first layer in about 2-4 hours, which is a lot quicker than it would for other colors like black and blue. The trick is to start with a lighter colored ink and a softer layer. For a clear, transparent ink (black) you would need to have a much harder, more abrasive layer, which would take a full day to remove.

Another common misconception about laser tattoo removal is the idea that it is much faster than removal by a traditional tattoo removal method. It really depends on the type of tattoo you’re going to get and the number of layers you have before you need to start the removal process. In general, I think the best way to go about removing a tattoo is to start with a softer color, then use the more abrasive ink on the lower layers to peel the ink off.

Also, don’t forget you’ll need to reapply a thin layer of the appropriate color at the time of removal. One thing to be aware of when removing a tattoo that’s stuck to a very soft tissue like a forearm, it’s quite a slippery surface that may require applying a hard layer of the appropriate color to make your removal easier.

I’m in the process of applying my tattoo to different shapes and sizes. I’m wondering if it’s easier or harder to remove an ink on an object/surface or can you explain more? (6-15)

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