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There is no “right” way for someone to get a tattoo removed. The best and the safest practice is to follow these suggestions: • Never touch a tattoo. • Make a detailed list of every part of your body which is responsible for the tattoo (eyebrows, head, butt, stomach, etc.), and don’t use alcohol. • The best way to check if anything is wrong with the tattoo is to take a look at it, and if you can see a red, flaky, red discoloration, stop. • When in distress, a quick, non-perfumed drink in small water is all that is needed. • The most important step is to immediately wash away the tattoo with mild soap and warm water. • Never tattoo if you feel you are in pain or discomfort or if you feel embarrassed. • For temporary temporary tattoos, use a thin, thin layer of clear, oil-absorbing wax, on the area where you are leaving it overnight. • Be cautious with permanent tattoos, especially those of the heart, kidneys and hands and any visible scarring. • Wear a white latex glove to avoid the heat and get rid of any red dye. • Do not use alcohol or other tattoo removal products unless the tattoo is already in place. • If a tattoo is in place for long or very expensive time period, it is advisable to use a non-perfumed, non-toxic tattoo removal method. • The only thing that can permanently remove a tattoo is the tattoo itself. The rest of the process will only remove those parts which are responsible for it’s creation and will never clean up any residual damage. So long as the tattoo has not been professionally removed by people with “professional training”, the tattoo is not considered “abnormal”. A tattoo removal is a procedure that involves removing most or all of the ink from an individual’s body. It is not a procedure which should be done by a professional doctor or nurse practitioner.

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This is the way r20 tattoo removal can go to where most people don’t want to go. A tattoo can be a very painful procedure if it is left to the wrong person. I mean, what’s done to you? You may have an unwanted tattoo from a loved one or someone you just met and just found out about it and had to move to someone else without talking to them about it. Some tattoos may even be from a mistake or a mistake that was unintentional. Some even have more than one color and you may have to deal with all of them

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